Envision’s Guest Services adds “Your Hollywood 60”


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision Radio Networks’ Guest Services has expanded its service to include Your Hollywood 60, which brings customized 60-second interviews with Hollywood’s most elite celebs.

Your Hollywood 60 delivers exclusive interviews from seasoned radio pro, actress and Hollywood reporter Angelique Perrin. Based in Hollywood and covering all the major show business events, Perrin will be interviewing the biggest stars from Kidman and Clooney to Spielberg and Scorsese.

“I love talking to people, finding out about them and it just happens to be my job. I remember I did an interview with Janet Jackson and I asked her a question. She paused and said, ‘no one’s ever asked me that before.’ It was a big moment for me,” said Perrin. “I hope to bring those kinds of moments to radio stations across the nation. Not everyone will play along, but you’ll always get a personal touch of Hollywood with me.”

Affiliates of Guest Services will now receive customized Your Hollywood 60 interviews each week in addition to the robust daily menu of guests they can book for live on-air interviews. Your Hollywood 60 reports are designed to fit seamlessly into a morning show’s routine with custom intros and outros from Angelique for a fluid sounding showbiz report!

“These A-list interviews are designed for morning shows looking for a real Hollywood insider,” states Danno Wolkoff, CEO/President Envision Radio Networks. “No more choppy sound clips and random film drops that are available everywhere. Your Hollywood 60 interviews the biggest stars and provides exclusive one-on-one audio to our radio affiliates only.”