Envision launches Majority Rules


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision Radio Networks and RadioTraks announced Majority Rules, an online music voting service that puts listeners in control of a station’s playlist. Designed to blend seamlessly into a station’s website, this interactive tool allows listeners to “rule” radio by voting for the songs they want to hear next.

“‘Battle of the Bands’ and ‘Smash and Trash’ has finally been updated for today’s radio listener,” said Envision CEO Danno Wolkoff. “Majority Rules allows interactive participation anywhere and at any time. Now your listeners have a reason to talk about your station and music within their social networks.”

Majority Rules lists a queue of songs that are scheduled to play on the station’s site and allows listeners to choose if they want certain songs to be played sooner, later or never. Majority Rules can be used for single voting events like song battles or to control song after song for longer periods of time. This tool also features a social plug-in, so listeners can interact during voting events. Majority Rules works with all major music scheduling software, plus it is mobile ready, so listeners can let a station know what they want to hear even while on the go.

“Majority Rules takes listener interaction to a whole new level,” said RadioTraks President and CEO Hal Fish.  “Listeners can literally touch a radio station’s playlist and see the results of their input in real-time.”


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