Emmis wins another round in Hungary


Don’t look for Emmis Communications to get the license back for Slager Radio anytime soon, but it has won yet another round in the Hungarian courts.

In the latest development, the Budapest Court of Appeals last week (7/14) upheld the January ruling of a lower court the that award of the former Slager frequencies and those of another foreign-owned radio station to entities linked to Hungary’s two largest political parties was illegal.

The courts at both levels have recommended that the contracts issued by Hungary’s equivalent of the FCC, the ORTT, be cancelled and that it enter into new contracts with Emmis’ Slager and the owner of the former Danubius radio.

“Unfortunately, favorable Hungarian court decisions do not necessarily translate into tangible results due to the inadequate legal framework in Hungary and therefore both Emmis and the owner of Danubius are expecting to continue to review, and if required, all possible legal remedy outside of Hungary related to these investments,” Emmis said of the latest court action.

Emmis said it has requested discussions with the ORTT and the Government of Hungary to try to come up with an amicable resolution, but none has been forthcoming. If the Hungarian government won’t enforce the rulings of its own courts, Emmis and the owner of Danubius have said they will seek relief from international courts.

Slager and Danubius have been off the air since last November.