Emmis renewals cleared over protest


Radio stations in Indianapolis and Terre Haute licensed to Emmis Communications have been cleared for re-take-off despite yet another attempt to have their licenses revoked by indecency activist David Edward Smith. Smith claims to have filed more than 60 indecency complaints, most apparently aimed at former Emmis employee Mancow Muller, from 2002 through 2004.

Emmis and the FCC eventually settled indecency cases via a consent decree. Smith argued that the FCC did not have authority to take such a course, to which the FCC replied that au contraire, the courts have long held that the FCC can too use them.

Smith also complained that Emmis supported what he considered to be a retaliatory lawsuit filed against him by Muller. The FCC said there was no evidence that Emmis had anything to do with Muller’s action. Therefore the licenses are renewed and Smith’s latest complaint is dismissed.

The stations named in the case include WFNI-AM, WLHK-FM, WYXB-FM, WWVR-FM & WTHI-FM.