Email ad effectiveness still questionable


Email MarketingAccording to a report, advertisements that arrive in a person’s virtual mailbox are doing a bit better than they were two years ago. But does that translate to doing well?

The study comes from Forrester Research, as distributed by the Center for Media Research.

In 2012, email ads were deleted on sight, without a word being read, by 44% of respondents to a survey about email ad attitudes. That action is now policy for only 42%, a marginal improvement.

It is a good bit better, however, than the 59% who said the same in 2010.

Forrester notes that despite the improvement, it is clear that email marketing is still a challenging proposition.

The bottom line is clear – that’s where the chart  lists the percentage of people who have actually made a purchase based on an email pitch: 7%.

Here are the percentage of respondents to a list of consumer positions:
42%: Delete most email advertising without reading
39%: Receive too many email offers and promotions
38%: Nothing of interest
37%: Unsubscribed from unsolicited lists
29%: Wonder how companies got address
24%: Difficult to unsubscribe
24%: Great way to discover new products and promotions
19%: Read email “… just in case”
12%: Forward to friends sometimes
7%: Buy things advertised through email
Source: Forrester Research