Edgewater spins one, picks up another


This isn’t a bad deal if you can work it out. Religious noncom outfit Edgewater Broadcasting is selling a station in Grand Island NE, and picking one up in Ludlow IL, in the Champaign area. But it isn’t buying the Champaign station – it’s coming in as a donation.

The Grand Island station is KBTX-FM. It’s going to VSS Catholic Communications Inc., headed by Tom Pogge and James M. Carroll. The price is $147.5K.

It’ll need some of that cash for the station it’s getting gratis – it’s a DIY project that as yet has not even received call letters. The CP is coming from Harvest Christian Fellowship Inc, headed by Paul Mowery.

The CP is for a Class B1 on 88.1 MHz with 14 kw @ 262’.

Clark Parrish was the exec who signed the papers for Edgewater in each of the transactions.