Ecreso FM 5/10kW Transmitters Available in Version 2.3.0


WorldCast Systems, the supplier of advanced broadcast products, is bringing to market a new version of its Ecreso FM 5/10kW transmitter.

The Ecreso 5/10kW is a fully digital transmitter for analog FM which combines performance and high efficiency of up to 76%. The Ecreso 5/10kW is designed for cost efficiency, high audio quality, and user experience. The transmitter hosts a multitude of onboard features including an integrated digital modulator, 5-band sound processor, RDS encoder, MPX over AES compatibility, and SmartFM technology.

The Ecreso FM 5/10kW allows remote control by Web server with its advanced measurement interface in addition to SNMP management, RS232 or GPIOs.

“With the 2.3.0 version, users benefit from advanced features and improvements for additional reliability, efficiency, and control,” the company says.

These include:
▪ SmartFM [V2] – This algorithm enables broadcasters to reduce their energy
consumption by up to 40%.
▪ Automation – The company claims Ecreso FM is the only transmitter to automate a configuration change or send GPIO commands in case of specific alarms. Complementary to the scheduler features, the automation is part of the Communication Pack license.
▪ RDS improvements – management of the UTF8 is now available.
▪ Reinforced security from remote FTP through new access restrictions