Dozens Of Small MVPDs Move Forward With MOBITV


ARCATA, CALIF. — A San Francisco Bay Area tech company focused on delivery IPTV solutions to the smallest of MVPDs has just forged a relationship with upward of 50 communications companies across the U.S.

The deal brings the MOBITV Connect platform to some 1 million cable TV subscribers across the U.S.

Among the companies now working with MOBITV are All West Communications, Arvig, ATMC (Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation), Dalton Utilities/OptiLink, Elevate Fiber, Fidelity Communications, Greenlight Community Broadband, MetroNet, Nex-Tech, Nortex Communications, RiverStreet Networks, and USA Communications.

MOBITV’s growth has come thanks to the tiniest of MVPDs. The company notes, “Many Pay TV operators would love to compete with a modern app-based approach to their video services but face large investments to upgrade their existing headend infrastructure. Through the MOBITV Connect Platform, operators can transition their network’s video delivery system to an extendable IP-based approach that includes on-demand, live TV, catch-up TV, network DVR, and recommendations.”

While subscribers can enjoy access to TV programming on any device they wish to use, the benefit to operators, MOBITV says, is the elimination of the high cost of “constantly replacing legacy set-top boxes for the home.”

MOBITV’s push began nearly two years ago, when the Wheeler Commission unsuccessfully attempted to push a set-top box Report and Order to a vote ahead of the November 2016 presidential election without sharing the proposed order’s language with the public.

MOBITV Chairman/CEO Charlie Nooney said, “It is becoming apparent that app-based TV is the future for delivering pay services. In a world where video is growing increasingly competitive from OTT offerings, operators must reduce the expense and overhead associated with Pay TV. Given that we are a software-based solution that provides both in-network and managed service options, we provide a level playing field for operators in terms of cost and, equally important, we allow them to take a leadership role in the user experience.”

Jody Heustess, VP/Marketing & Customer Care at ATMC, commented, “Sustaining our legacy cable TV architecture has become cost prohibitive while the experience it provides our customers struggles to satisfy expectations. MOBITV, we feel, gives us a platform by which we can meet our customers’ demands without the need for constant high cost capital investments.”