Done Deal in Monterey


SoldThe deal that marked the official end of the legendary Buckley Communications Group has made it to the finish line. Broker: Dick Forman, Richard A. Forman Associates Inc.

The station is KIDD-AM Monterey CA.

The buyer is Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters, headed by Saul Levine.

The price is $50,000 cash. $24,000 of that is attributable to a non-compete, and the rest is allocated to the station assets.

KIDD-AM is a Class B on 630 kHz with 1 kW-U, DA2.

Other Mt. Wilson stations in the area include:
* KNRY-AM Monterey is a Class C on kHz with 1 kW-U, ND.
* KYZZ-FM Salinas is a Class A on 97.9 MHz with 2.9 kW @ 479’.
* KBOQ-FM Seaside is a Class A on 103.9 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 653’.
* KMZT-FM Big Sur is a Class A on 95.9 MHz with 1 kW @ -363’.