Daniel Anstandig on Country listeners’ passion


Daniel AnstandigCountry radio listeners are the most active listeners across any genre when it comes to using LDR’s interactive broadcast technology — even when compared to top 40 and rock stations. The data is was released by LDR at the Country Radio Seminar (CRS 2013) in Nashville.

We asked Daniel Anstandig, president, CEO and co-founder of LDR:

How do Country stations use the LDR platform differently than other formats?

“On average, country listeners spend more time browsing music and voting on songs in LDR voting windows. They spend 27 percent more time than Top 40 listeners (14 minutes vs. 11 minutes) on our LDR.1 platform. Also, country listeners spend an average of 22.5 minutes per session participating in LDR.Takeover shows—far above the average tune-in occasion measured across most formats.”

Why do you think it resonates so well with this group?

“While country has long been known for its loyal and passionate audience, we now have interactive data to show just how much more engaged they really are. We’ve found that listeners of top performing country stations are very loyal and want to be active in influencing their favorite on-air segments and day-parts. LDR’s platform encourages that through features such as voting for songs in the queue, sending on-air dedications to family and friends and receiving SMS/Twitter alerts when the listener’s favorite artists or songs are about to play.”