Dan Mason sends PPM memo to stations


In a memo to CBS Radio Stations obtained by RBR, CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason commented on the latest PPM issues and controversies the industry is dealing with—including the latest that The MRC is not accrediting NYC and Philly. He is behind PPM 100%. Here are some of his thoughts:

“As most of you have read, the MRC recently denied accreditation for PPM in Philadelphia and New York.  While the press coverage of this situation gives the appearance the technology is seriously troubled, we need to look at the historical context of the news to put the situation in perspective.

We all used Scarborough data for more than 10 years without accreditation, and, during that time, it was a widely accepted local qualitative survey.  Our brethren at the television stations went to market in Los Angeles without accreditation for the LPM (local people meter) until one year after the service was introduced, and some agencies used Nielsen’s unaccredited "C3" commercial ratings data as a part of their upfront negotiations with the television networks.  There is no limit to how many times you can go through an accreditation review.  The “three strikes your out” rule doesn’t apply here.

PPM is the most accurate, most reliable data collection technology used in radio measurement.  It allows us to compete in an electronic measurement world and provide greater accountability to our clients.  We stand behind it 100%.

It’s important to remember the benefits of PPM far outweigh any minor bumps in the road we may experience.”

RBR observation: The agencies are committed to using PPM as the currency for radio. As Dan said, PPM continues to move forward even with the recent MRC news. Bottom line—they are committed to getting PPM right, and the process is ongoing. Agencies aren’t going to wait until all broadcasters agree—they are going to buy stations based on PPM ratings. The question is, who will be on board?