CP going from one Paskvan to another


Roger Paskvan owns and operates an AM radio station and two FMs in Bemidji MN. His son, Troy Paskvan, has an FM station. Now the elder Paskvan is turning over the CP for a new AM for his son in the same market.

The consideration for the station is $30K cash. The CP will move from Roger’s R.P. Broadcasting Inc. to Troy’s Paskvan Media Inc.

The facility is to be a Class B on 1300 kHz with 2.5 kw-D, 600 w-N, DAN. The license expires 4/27/10. Troy pointed out that the frigid conditions of the Bemidji winter prevent any construction work at this time, and asked for the 18-month CP extension that the FCC has made available to eligible entities. He sent in three years worth of tax returns to support his claim to that status.

He also attested to his plans to enter the broadcasting business on his own, independent of his father’s radio interests.

Paskvan Media already owns WMIS-FM in nearby Blackduck MN.

R.P. Broadcasting owns KKBJ AM-FM Bemidji and WBJI-FM Blackduck.

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