Cox declares itself


Cox Radio announced the launch of a new positioning statement that it said reiterates the company’s long-standing commitment to operational excellence and customer focus.  Aimed at communicating the company’s brand promise and differentiating value proposition, the statement reads: “Best People + Best Product Environment + Best Solutions = Best Results.” The new positioning statement coincides with the company’s new umbrella tagline: “We’re About Listening.”

Why the new slogans? CEO Bob Neil explains: “Although the positioning statement and tagline are new, listening to our advertisers and audiences is not new for us. We are proud to be able to reinforce what has been a long-standing commitment to our core values and corporate culture of operational excellence and customer focus.  We deliver on our promise of listening to all of our customers, including advertisers, listeners and employees, and responding to their needs.”

Neil added, “Now is the ideal time to reiterate what sets Cox Radio apart by announcing our competitive position to all employees and every customer.”