Close encounter in Potsdam NY


An AM-FM combo in the northeast corner of New York state – WPDM-AM and WSNN-FM Potsdam — is now in the hands of Timothy D. Martz’s Waters Communications. Martz has other stations in the vicinity, but none within overlap range.

According to broker of record Dick Kozacko of Kozacko Media Services, the price was be $225K cash.

Kozacko noted Martz’s other holdings in the area, which include WlCY-AM, WVNV-FM Malone NY and WYUL-FM Chateaugay NY, and an additional translator in Malone. None are close enough to trigger a local ownership cap study, however.

The seller was St. Lawrence Radio, headed by Jane Kyle.

The deal was filed accepted by the FCC for filing 1/28/13.