Clear Channel donates two AMs to MMTC


It won’t be the first time Clear Channel has gone the charitable contribution route to pare down its station portfolio – and the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council is once again the beneficiary of the radio giant’s largesse.

The stations are KFXN-AM Minneapolis MN and WTOC-AM Newton NJ. The latter station is actually part of the Aloha Station Trust, the license company formed by Clear Channel to hold excess property after it was transferred to equity investors awhile back.

David Honig is the head of MMTC.

KFXN is a Class D on 690 kHz with 500 W-D, 4 W-N, DA2. WTOC, part of the Sussex NJ Arbitron market, is a Class B on 1360 kHz with 2 kW-D, 320 W-N, DA2.

Clear Channel previously donated four AMs to MMTC back in the summer of 2009. MMTC has a pending sale for one of them – KMFX-AM Wabasha MN, part of the Rochester MN market.

Other stations in the MMTC portfolio include KYHN-AM Ft. Smith AR, WHJA-AM Laurel MS, WNRR-AM North Augusta SC, and WLCC-AM Brandon FL. The latter station is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg market.