Clear Channel and Citadel settle lawsuits


Several lawsuits have been settled over Citadel’s hiring away of Clear Channel sales people in New York and Chicago. No one is going to have to go back to their old job, but Citadel has agreed to respect the enforceability of Clear Channel’s contracts with its sales people in those markets for the next three years. Clear Channel had claimed that Citadel had unlawfully induced employees to breach their non-compete agreements in those two markets. And while no one has to change jobs, some people have to sit out the remaining time on their non-competes before resuming work for Citadel.

“We are pleased to have reached a settlement with Citadel. Clear Channel values its employees very highly, and we will continue to enforce our rights against any competitor who attempts to interfere with our contractual relationships,” said Andy Levin, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Clear Channel.