Christian website makes bid for Family Radio stations


A Bible Answer, which can be found on the internet at, offered $1M for the entire 66-station Family Radio portfolio earlier in 2011, offering to take over the stations 5/22/11 since Family Radio’s Harold Camping didn’t expect to be around by that time. Since members of FR still are evident, ABA has offered to take over the stations on Camping’s remaining end-times date of 10/22/11.

ABA says the $1M greatly overprices the stations, which it figures will be worthless if Camping’s predictions are correct. ABA reasons that if Camping truly believes he is correct, he should accept ABA’s generous offer; or the Family Radio board should.

The operators of ABA say there is a lot of good material broadcast on Family Radio stations, but they are very much down on Camping and his apocalyptic predictions.

It posted an extremely critical message on the site recently, saying, “Harold Camping is supported by the Family Radio board of directors. He is not able to spread these false doctrines without their direct involvement. There is a great responsibility resting on them to do what is right. By allowing Camping to continue on the air and on the board, they are guilty of all that Harold Camping is guilty of. That guilt increases daily.”

ABA continued, “Family Radio has made a point of teaching that they follow the Bible, but they are not following the Bible. They are following a man, a man who rejects much Bible truth. They have been given evidence that all may clearly see. A false prophet once is enough, but twice is too much.”

It praised some of Family Radio’s programming, but condemned the predictions. ABA concluded, “October 21 is just as false as was May 21 and 1994. We continue to offer to purchase the radio stations and will not take possession until October 22. After taking the money of his supporters, let Harold give up all he has to show he believes what he is preaching. He does not or else he would sell. It is time to get new leadership at Family Radio.”