CCME flips WPGB-FM Pittsburgh to Country


WPGB-FMPerhaps this is why Quinn and Rose were not renewed at the news-talker, to the dismay of basically their entire audience. WPGB has flipped to Country 8/7 as “Big 104.7, Pittsburgh’s New Hot Country,” putting it in direct competition with CBS Radio’s heritage WDSY-FM and Keymarket’s Froggy trimulcast in the region that includes Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV. The station will air Premiere Networks’ Bobby Bones Show in the Fall.

Said David Edgar, CCME/Pittsburgh VP/Programming: “It’s a great day for Pittsburgh Country music fans as we launch Big 104.7, a fresh new take on Country music.  This station will give our listeners a front-row WPGB’s talk format is moving to Radio Partners, LLC which recently acquired heritage Adult Standards WJAS-AM 1320. The station began  with a simulcast Rush Limbaugh at noon.  Morning host David “Bloomdaddy” Bloomquist (who flags from CCME’s WWVA-AM Wheeling), Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are also moving over.

RBR-TVBR observation: We wonder how long it will take for Quinn and Rose to eventually come back. This would be the place.



  1. This is the dumbest move. I cannot believe this. Country music is everywhere and your station will be more of the same dragged out songs they’re playing every 5 minutes. Boring, I won’t be listening. Ever! I’m furious.

  2. WPGB was the only local talk radio station worth listening to in Pittsburgh.
    The only reason many tuned in to 104.7 has been because it was talk radio ( Quinn and Rose). Now it’s just another stupid country station. Yee haw, Bye bye.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention… I’m listening to Beck, Rush etc now on a Mississippi station via iheart radio.

  4. ditto to what Shannan said….this is not a station I will listen too…we have country….I don’t want to turn to crappy AM…this is why people will turn off the radio and turn to sirus!

  5. What an absurd move!!!!

    Goodbye 104.7.

    Pittsburgh is moving forward and you guys are trying to keep it in “hicks-land”.

    Hello WJAS. Too bad you are AM.

  6. They are idiots!
    I live an hour south of Pittsburgh — I can’t get
    the AM station with Rush.

    We knew they were idiots at 104.7 — when you listen to
    the station their production side of things was a joke — high school radio stuff.
    I say “was” a joke, because my radio will never, ever be tuned to their station again.
    Did I say they are IDIOTS ! idiots!

  7. Stupid. They were dominating talk, even without Quinn and Rose, carrying the top 3 radio shows in the nation.
    They took down KDKA in six months when they went to the talk format. But then their management has never been too smart, getting rid of Ellis Cannon, never carrying Mark Levin’s show, the coup de grace of course, letting Quinn and Rose go.
    Even if they wanted to go Country, why do it with an established talk station with an established audience? And why go country into a saturated maketplace, as noted above? Why go classic country and try to draw a different audience from those listening to Froggy and WDSY? The only people that know 104.7 is country now are their former talk listeners. And the vast majority aren’t listening any more!

    • It was over the Day they put Bloom daddy on the air, what a waste of time. Hannity to me is boring he has gotten steal and is republacrat.
      So I tuned them out except for Rush.

  8. I was pissed when they took Quinn and Rose off. This latest move totally blows my mind. 104.7 is what I listened to at least 6 hours a day. Now 104.7 sux only giving us more country music. What a quantum leap in listener mentality. I hope 104 hits the floor.

  9. I also agree with all of the above comments. The only thing I will add is that I listened to 1320 on the way to work this morning. Reception is terrible. The radio cut out every time I went under an overpass or through a tunnel. Are they powering this station with a car battery? How are the owners of this station going to sell advertising when it sounds like you’re using two cans and a piece of string to broadcast? This isn’t going to be around very long. Push me to listen to I-heart radio.

  10. Just checked the Nielsen ratings: WPGB was a 2.4 as of 7/14/2014, which puts it in the bottom quarter of the top 15 stations.
    The top 4 are: 3Ws(oldies) 8.4, DVE(clssic rock) 7.6, WKST(POP) 7.4 and WDSY(country) 7.3.
    The other country stations don’t even make the list. WQED does and its classical music. It will be interesting to see if ‘pgb’ loses or gains rating points.

    • It they’d just bring back that kind of a station with those kinds of DJs, mix it with Indie Rock of today and the tunes they played back in the day, radio would be so much more relevant today with listeners….the music + the talent that plays it….!

  11. Do you remember KQV fm? That was the station that became WDVE. They were quite heavy at the time with the non-pop stuff like the bubble gum on AM stations. Quinn was dj on KQV,AM at the time.

  12. Bad Move, you all screwed a very big demographic. You’re going to fall hard and flat on your wallets. Station execs.,,,see you in the unemployment line shortly…jerks

  13. What the fans of the talk format are missing is that even if the ratings appeared decent, the station wasn’t growing. Country music is. There are more fans, and more marketable demographics, as compared to a talk station which isn’t attracting much new audience in the money demos. Look at the ads on talk radio and cable news, and you see the problem Clear Channel faced. No one is saying “no one listened” to conservative talk. But not enough of the right demo listens.

  14. I agree with most of these comments. Not a good move for me. unfortunately i’m sure they will do just fine, but i won’t be listening.

  15. They can Keep Bloom Daddy over at 104.7, I stopped tuning in to the channel not long after he came on the air, I don’t want to hear about his ex-wife even though she sounds like a very nice person or his kids. I don’t mind once in awhile but every single day. He also says he is American and a sports guy yet he attacks football, for the head injuries quite frankly he does not know what he is talking about, Baseball look at the game the other day when the Pirates batter hit a line drive shot off the pitchers for head.
    Or George the Basketball player who suffered a compound fracture. He is supporting those who are destroying America from with in.
    I want to hear about what are Government and those who want to destroy our Republic from with in our trying to do to us, not about his kids not playing football!

  16. The worst move Pittsburgh radio has ever made. Our world, country, citizens and military are in its most volatile and serious days in recent history…and you pull the plug? Who’s side are you on, that you think we should all be singing about our ‘achy-breaky’ hearts all day long?

    Hello IHART radio! Sorry to say good-bye to all the committed local advertisers who supported and invested in this region’s best talk-radio market, and to the regions best listener base! What a mistake.

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