CC Airports upgrades advertising at Oakland


Clear Channel Airports introduced some changes to Oakland International Airport with a new advertising program featuring a state-of-the-art Visitor Information Center in both baggage claim areas, several high-definition LCD Screens throughout both baggage claim areas and in the departure areas, spectacular large-format wall displays, as well as many lighted dioramas throughout both concourse areas.

“Frequent flyers are an upscale demographic that is very often difficult to reach. The airport is the best place to do this,” said Melissa Cleary, sales manager for Clear Channel Airports.

The new Visitor Information & Reservation Centers, which utilize the Digital Passenger Service System (DPASS), is the culmination of months of planning and design work. DPASS allows passengers to collect information, research hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and attractions, or even call different entities through the use of touch screens, direct dial phone lines, and mobile media. DPASS assists Bay Area visitors by providing the most comprehensive hotel sales and service support ever developed for airports. DPASS allows individual properties to better develop and maintain market share and serve their current and prospective customers.

“You can cost-effectively deliver a message to more than 10 million tourists, vacationers, and business leaders through the advertising program at a very low cost per thousand,” Cleary said.