CBS, Cable ONE, TEGNA, Tribune, Padden


television-OTANews from around the television dial: A number of TV companies have announced dividends, including CBS, Tribune and TEGNA; Cable ONE and Tribune have joined the quarterly results calendar; and Preston Padden has commented on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

* CBS has announced its latest program to divide and prosper – to the tune of 15 cents per share. The dividend will go to shareholders of record as of 9/10/15, and paid a month later on 10/10/15.

* Cable ONE, newly cut loose from the Graham Holdings portfolio, will meet with shareholders and analysts to discuss results on for Thursday 8/6/15 at 1100 AM eastern.

* TEGNA, the TV and digital group that was formerly part of Gannett, is offering a dividend. 14 cents per share will be distributed to shareholders of record as of 9/4/15, payable on 10/1/15.

* Tribune has placed its quarterly conference call in the caboose of the results train – it will hold its session on Thursday 8/13/5 at 8:30 AM eastern.

* Tribune is also set to divide and prosper – a dividend of 24 cents will be on its way to eligible shareholders of record as of 8/10/15. The payout is scheduled for 8/24/15.

* Post-congressional hearing, Preston Padden of EOBC offered kudos to the FCC leader: “Chairman Wheeler did an impressive job of describing the trade-offs and tough decisions that, while not making any stakeholder 100% happy, will keep us on track for a March 2016 start to a successful Incentive Auction.”