The Broadcast Genius You Probably Never Heard Of

Tim Russert, Michael DeBakey and George Carlin were just three of the extremely influential people who died this summer. Tony Schwartz was the fourth. Who?

Radio, the Ultimate One-on-One Medium:

Why Certain Vocal Characteristics Can Make or Break an Ad -- Each radio advertisement that goes on the air is used to deliver a message to the consumer. These messages are

Creating value in Sports Radio

I call it “the point of differentiation theory”. If all things are considered close to equal; price, quality, convenience and service, people will make the choice of one product over another because a product or service has

Free News Research from Madison Avenue

Research budget get slashed this year? Well some good news is on the way. There are huge companies

Election Winner: Local Radio

It might seem strange to say, but we are finding that stations in mid and small markets are growing BECAUSE of their size! It’s a tough market out there

Multi-platform sports marketing

Much has been written recently regarding the increasing challenges marketers face in trying to reach today’s time-pressed, mobile, and multi-tasking

Baseball on the radio—a tangible product

Baseball on the radio is the consummate double-play; they were made for each other. Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell, Mel Allen, and Jack Buck are...

Content and delivery in the new media world

We spoke with a few TV station news directors about new forms of content gathering and delivery they’re

Sales Tip: Anything You Can Say, I Can Ask Better

I was reading a column in our local paper, and the columnist said, "My son-in-law should be a salesman

Talk radio: the real revenue generator

Here’s some interesting data on just how powerful the talk radio medium is as a revenue generator–it’s mind blowing stuff. A while back, I had my staff analyze

Getting the most mileage out of your sponsorship

Auntie Mame proclaimed: “It's a time for making merry, and so I'm for making hay. Tune the grand up, Call the cops out, Strike...

An Open and Shut Case on Garage Doors

Situation: There is nothing more frustrating than a broken garage door. Garage doors are complicated and eventually all of them need service or replacement.

Great Idea in One Minute: Accounting/bookkeeping services

Situation: Although the April 15th deadline has passed, there are many individuals and businesses looking for new accounting firms.  I talk to accountants and...

How to Make the Offer Your Local Client Can’t Refuse

If every time you saw or heard from me I solved a problem for you, would you be glad to see me? Would you take my call? Sure you would. You could have that same effect on local direct clients.

How to Sell Local Direct in a Recession

By Paul Weyland  1. Avoid negative talk.  Get out of the office and go see clients face to face.  Don't listen to the doom-and gloom-sayers that...