This Tool Brings One-Touch Video Control During Live Broadcasts


A new tool that gives broadcasters to deliver multimedia stories in a single application that can be annotated along with one-touch video control while live on the air made its debut at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

It comes courtesy of a New York-based joint venture between creative software solutions firm Teknikos and mobile video control technology developer neo 360.

Now available from the joint venture, Capitcast, is a SaaS solution that combines SHARE interactive content, images, videos and maps into a single camera-ready presentation for display on Microsoft’s Surface Hub, and the neo 360 Air, an all-in-one video encoder and player enabling users to control video speed, direction and frame-by-frame playback using simple touch commands.

As Capitcast sees it, SHARE allows multimedia news and sports segments to be easily assembled in the control room using industry-standard systems and workflows such as AP’s ENPS, then delivered on air with annotation, zoom and other abilities that leverage the Surface Hub’s telestration, direct manipulation and navigation tools.

“The result is a seamless interactive presentation that eliminates app switching, content loading and associated interruptions,” the company says.

The neo 360 Air, which is built into the Capticast SHARE platform, provides additional interactivity with granular swipe-and-tap video controls.

Specifically, broadcasters can change video speed, reverse direction, pause, and present forward or backward frame-by-frame playback of video simply by touching the Surface Hub screen as they present their stories.

“As broadcast news organizations fight to maintain market share in the face of online competition, they need more engaging storytelling that capitalizes on the live nature of the on-air experience,” said David Borish, CEO and Co-Founder of Capticast.

Capticast SaaS solutions are designed for large-format touchscreen devices in broadcast and professional sports industries.

This tool is specifically being pitched to TV sportscasters who no longer wish to stand immobile while they read the day’s sports news.

Capabilities include variable video speed and direction, pausing and frame-by-frame playback while live on the air.