CA governor candidate Meg Whitman increases warchest


CQ Politics is calling it “an easy $20M fundraiser” for former eBay executive and current Republican standard-bearer for the governorship of the state of California. All she had to do to rake in that impressive amount of spendable cash is access her bank account.

According to the report, that brings the total she’s kicked into her own pot all the way to $91M. The principal victim of the bulk of that was her primary opponent Steve Poizner, who kicked in millions of dollars himself, but could not come close to matching Whitman.

Democratic nominee Jerry Brown will be the target of the rest of Whitman’s bankroll. She has pledged to go as high as $150M, meaning there is potentially an extra $59M lurking in the Whitman vault with Jerry Brown’s name on it.

RBR-TVBR observation: Whitman is a walking-talking instrument of media recovery – too bad the other 49 states can’t come up with a Whitman of their own.