Buffalo will restore life to Weed FM


SoldKCWH-FM Weed CA was once co-owned with KSYC-FM Yreka, but they have split up and the Weed station has fallen on such hard times that it has gone off air for economic reasons. But a new deal will bring the stations together and restore the Weed station to the airwaves.

The station is being sold by TWC Enterprises, headed by Martin Howell.

The buyer is Buffalo Broadcasting LLC, headed by Mark Baird and Cynthia K. Baird.

The price is $295K, purely in debt assumption pertaining to a promissory note payable to Jamison-Wolfe Enterprises LLC, headed by Lee Jamison. J-W remains responsible for $725K in debt owed to Tri-Power Resources LLC, and that will remain the case after the when the current KCWH deal closes.

To unravel this story, we will travel back in time to 7/31/08 – that’s when the two then-co-owned stations were sold to J-W by Four Rivers Broadcasting for $925K. That was broken down into a $75K deposit and two notes, one for $600K and the other for $250K. At the time, the KWCH facility was using the call letters KNTK.

On 9/31/09, J-W struck a deal to sell KCWH-FM to TRC for $455K, including a $25K deposit, a $75K down payment and a $355K note.

On 3/1/11, J-W struck a deal to sell KSYC to Buffalo for $650K, including a $250K cash payment and $400K note. According to the latest document, that deal is still pending.

On 7/14/12, TRC filed for an STA to allow KCWH to go off the air for economic reasons.
Finally, the current contract for KCWH was accepted by the FCC for filing 8/10/12.

The stations are located in an unrated portion of interior northern California, north of the Redding CA market and south of the Medford-Ashland OR market. Buffalo will also be getting three translators associated with the FMs.