BroadRamp unveils shop technology for ITV


The major TV networks are moving to delivery of their offerings on the Internet as an alternate distribution channel to reach their target audiences. With the move toward HD  broadcast TV as well as the new HD-DVD and Blu-Ray high def movie formats, BroadRamp ( launched and demonstrated  its new integrated video e-commerce platform at the nextMEDIA conference, in Banff, Canada last weekend.

The company has enabled interactivity within Internet video to enhance marketing of product placements within the video content. BroadRamp's video e-commerce delivers new levels of information and interactivity for product placements without interrupting enjoyment of the online TV show being viewed. For example, if a carmaker is providing its newest autos to a popular TV show, BroadRamp's video e-commerce platform could allow the interested viewer to click on the vehicle, and features of the vehicle, to support their buying decision process.

"Popular TV shows generate significant income from product placement on their shows, but until now a viewer couldn't purchase clothes or get information on a new car without a significant amount of research," said Greg Nakagawa, BroadRamp's CEO. "Now, with a click of a mouse, someone can someday purchase the same sweater that Eva Longoria wore on Desperate Housewives and have it shipped to their home within a couple of days."