Broadcast stocks swim against the tide – 10/13/11


Less than encouraging news from JPMorgan Chase & Company was said to be responsible for a lot of glum faces on Wall Street, but you wouldn’t know it to look at broadcast issues as a group. All television stocks were up, and so were most radio stocks, with LIN and Emmis blazing away in strong double-digit territory.

The RBR Radio Index rose 6.230, or 2.3%, to 276.416.

The TVBR Television Index rose fell 9.023, or 4.2%, to 225.599.


LIN, up 20.8%
Emmis, up 15.2%
Saga, up 6.4%

Radio One, down 3.7%
Salem, down 3.3%
Arbitron, down 2.9%