BK bets on world’s purest taste test


Burger King has completed a bold and unprecedented mission: putting Whopper  sandwich to the ultimate taste test without the benefit of brand recognition or marketing support of any kind. The quest for Whopper “virgins,” people who have never seen or heard of the burger, became the inspiration for the company’s newest ad campaign, which asks: “Will the taste of the popular flame-broiled Whopper sandwich win over first-timers in remote areas of the world?”

The effort follows the “Whopper Freakout” social experiment which demonstrated that people don’t want to imagine life without the Whopper.

A series of organic and revealing 15 and 30-second television advertising spots and an extended online documentary power the effort, spotlighting real Whopper  "virgins" tasting the sandwich for the first time and confirming that the famous flame-broiled burger lives up to its reputation.