Barack Obama takes potshot at Fox in Rolling Stone interview

0 has an article highlighting portions of an interview Rolling Stone’s Jan Wenner did with President Barack Obama, and that is included in the 10/15/10 issue. Wenner put Fox News Channel up for comment, and Obama decided to take the shot.

Here, from TPM, is Obama’s comment on the cable news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch: “The golden age of an objective press was a pretty narrow span of time in our history. Before that, you had folks like Hearst who used their newspapers very intentionally to promote their viewpoints. I think Fox is part of that tradition — it is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view. It’s a point of view that I disagree with. It’s a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Obama and Fox have a history of course, but of late Obama has not been going after any media outlets in particular, in public at least. Is this a sign of renewed public hostilities? Is it a strategy to whip up the base before the upcoming midterms? Stay tuned.