Bannister Lake Bulks Up ‘Super Ticker’ Software


Ontario, Canada-based Bannister Lake has completed two new key enhancements for its “Super Ticker” software, a preferred data aggregation and management solution for broadcasters and media enterprises.

A “Query” function creates dynamic playlists that automatically adapt the set of data being displayed based on configurable criteria, while a new “Custom” data type enables customers to define proprietary data structures tailored to their unique requirements.

“With the vast array of information sources available to the public today, broadcasters need to offer deeper and more precisely relevant data to engage their viewers and remain their audience’s preferred platform,” said Bannister Lake president Georg Hentsch.

Super Ticker enables media organizations to aggregate and manage automated data feeds from third-party providers and combine them with community-submitted information and locally created content. .

Database inquiries are created using standard SQL syntax and stored unexecuted for subsequent use through playout rundowns or Super Ticker’s Bannister Lake Active Data Exchange API.

“Creating playlists featuring constantly-changing data sets – such as listing close election races where incumbents are losing, stocks that are dropping faster than a specified threshold, or the five hottest cities on the planet at that moment – has previously been difficult if not impossible, as the list is out of date within seconds, minutes or hours of its creation,” said Hentsch. “Query enables dynamic playlists that give our customers the freedom to create data-rich broadcasts and displays based on virtually any criteria they can dream up.”

The Custom data type provides users with a means to store and manage aggregated or locally-entered data in fully-customized structures.