Atlanta-area noncom FM moves in 7-figure deal


Religion-formatted WWEV-FM is being sold by Curriculum Development Foundation to War Hill Christian Fellowship Inc. And although the station’s primary contour falls short of the city of Atlanta, it is commands a price well beyond $1M.

The station is a Class C2 on 91.5 MHz with 8.9 kW @ 961’. Centered to the northeast of Atlanta, it’s main contour gets to Sandy Springs. It does throw a fringe signal over the entire city.

The seller is headed by Paul L. Walker; the buyer by Don C. Allen.
The price is $1.5M cash.

The station calls itself “Victory 91.5 FM, The sound of revival … getting you free to worship.”

War Hill stated on the transaction application that it intended to continue with the station’s current format. It went on, “War Hill will address, through local and national programs on WWEV-FM, relevant social and religious issues. Such programming would address and provide possible solutions to combat societal ills such as substance, physical and child abuse, the deterioration of family relationships, teen pregnancy, poverty and crime. War Hill will offer programs, public service announcements, community events calendars and resources to education the public on important issues and events that will help[ to enhance their spiritual, emotional intellectual and physical well-being. By ascertaining and responding to the concerns and needs of the local community thought extensive local involvement, War Hill and the station will serve the public interest.”