At Liberty For Full Cadence On Addressable TV Ad Platform


An entity describing itself as the world’s largest international TV and broadband company has selected a platform provider for advanced and addressable TV advertising.

The choice of Cadent by Liberty Global allows the company to use an open advanced advertising framework capable of supporting multiple workflows from broadcasters and content providers.

Specifically, Cadent’s cloud-based platform will enable Liberty Global to deliver different targeted ads to households during the same program on behalf of broadcasters and content providers. The platform is designed to improve ad relevance and improve executional efficiency.

Liberty Global subsidiary Virgin Media in the U.K. will be the first to deploy the new platform. As announced last year, Sky is the first broadcaster to partner with Liberty Global on a joint addressable advertising initiative. Cadent’s platform has open APIs that can integrate with third-party advanced advertising systems – including Sky’s AdSmart platform – to deliver targeted advertising across Liberty Global’s footprint. Cadent have previously worked with Liberty Global to launch addressable advertising around video on demand content in the U.K.

Addressable advertising delivers significant benefits to consumers given they see ads that are relevant to them for products that they’re more likely to be interested in purchasing. Meanwhile, addressable advertising also allows partners and advertisers to utilize targeting capabilities that have up to now been confined to digital advertising, with the significant advantage of the reach of major distribution platforms such as Virgin Media.

Leveraging the speed of Liberty Global’s advanced DOCSIS network and next-gen set-top boxes (STBs), Cadent’s cloud-based platform provides technical features and capabilities including:

* Server-side ad insertion enabling rapid, “just-in-time” addressable campaign decisioning and execution, reducing the need for creative assets and business logic to physically reside on the STB.

* An open API that can support multiple workflows from broadcasters and their partners as well as an architecture that controls and processes data without leaving the Liberty Global footprint.

* Multiplatform TV advertising execution for content providers across the Liberty Global footprint, encompassing household addressable, network DVR, IP live, and STB and IP video- on-demand (VOD); with unified and normalized reporting that shows ad efficacy to bring value to both content owners and Liberty Global.

Cadent provides marketers, agencies, operators, and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising. Earlier this year, the company consolidated its brands: Cross MediaWorks, Cadent Network, Cadent Technology (formerly BlackArrow), and one2one media into a unified new brand – Cadent.