As low-impact an AM transaction as you’ll likely find


We have a buyer and seller listed on an FCC transaction application for WHAW-AM Lost Creek WV, but there is no contract, the principles have the same address and phone number and the station already appears to be operated along with the buyer’s two FMs.

The transfer of the station from Stephen R. Peters to Della Jane Woofter is described on the application as a gift.

WHAW is a Class D on 980 kHz with 25 kW during the day but only 47 Watts at night. It gets into the southern, Clarksburg portion of the Morgantown-Clarksburg-Fairmont market.

Woofter is licensee of two other stations in the area. Also reaching Clarksburg is WOTR-FM, a Class A on 96.3 MHz. Serving an area to the southwest of Clarksburg is 107.7 MHz WVRW-FM.

The website for WOTR offers limited information about the station, but does announce that it is “Hillbilly Approved.” And so it goes in the slow lane of 21st Century station trading.