Aptivada Unveils Virtual Live Remote Solution


The Salt Lake City-based company behind an online contesting, marketing and promotions platform has released a “Virtual Live Remove” application to their suite of products.

The tool, from Aptivada, comes as shelter-in-home orders brought radio remotes and events to a halt. The Virtual Remote tool is designed to bring added value to an advertiser.

Coupled with a live streaming platform, the tool provides an opportunity for a station to run a “virtual remote” — guests can be included on a stream, while live contesting can also be had.

For Aptivada, its product can provide a sense of engagement and community for stations and their listeners.

“As soon as we started to see how our clients were being affected by this shutdown, we quickly came together to create a new solution to help save advertising dollars and clients,” said Aptivada co-founder Brian Green. “We look forward to seeing stations and markets provide their clients with a solution to the live broadcasts and appearances that were previously scheduled during this time.”