Anti Lieberman TV campaign for a party of one


The only elected member of the Connnecticut for Lieberman party is Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who is now the target of a TV campaign attacking him for his stance on health care reform.

According to Huffington Post, John Mertens, a Trinity College professor with longshot aspirations for Lieberman’s Senate seat, is part of an organization that is launching the salvo, which claims that Lieberman is no longer representing the citizens of the Connecticut, but rather is representing only his own narrow interests.

The group, which also kicked off website, is planning to run ads in Connecticut and Washington DC. It already is said to have $40K to spend and is looking to raise another $60K.

Mertens and his group are particularly worked up about Lieberman’s announced plan to filibuster any health care bill that includes a public option.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is responsible for creating and funding the ad.