Another Repack Milestone For GatesAir


With the television industry’s post-spectrum auction repack process humming along, GatesAir in October earned a notable achievement: The company shipped its 400th repack transmitter. And, it expects to surpass 500 transmitter shipments by the end of 2019.

To date, GatesAir has shipped more than 17,000 power amplifiers, representing more than 11.2 Megawatts of transmission power. Some 60 percent of those shipments have been successfully installed and are now on air.

“GatesAir has successfully met all shipping deadlines thanks to detailed capacity planning, resulting in key manufacturing initiatives to handle the volume,” GatesAir VP/Operations Bryant Burke said. “I’m very proud of the work our team has done. Many of our shipments are well ahead of the customer phase requirements, which reduces uncertainty around planning.”

Company CEO Bruce Swail added, “With all but a handful of higher power repack orders remaining, GatesAir is proud to confirm its position as the broadcast industry’s leading supplier of repack transmitters. GatesAir is now pivoting to ship high quantities of low-power transmitters for the coming LPTV phase of repack, providing the same level of service and commitment to our low-power customers.”

GatesAir recently expanded its range of low-power TV transmitters through a strategic business acquisition, strengthening its value proposition for FM, LPTV and translator repack assignments. These assignments will address more than 2000 stations displaced by higher power broadcasters in phases 0 through 10. The filing period for low-power broadcasters is now underway and continues through mid-November.


  1. While the amplifiers maybe in place. The outdoor antennas are not. So many people in the rural area are without TV today because of the incompetence of the FCC Pail!

    People who need local programming the most are without! This won’t be resolved because of the corrupt government that is in place. The FCC gave 39 months to implement this which was not enough time. Simple not enough crews available especially with new 5G implementation. Of course none of these official understand this because no-one has done any physical work in their life!

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