An Expanded PRISM Waveform Monitors Line Arrives


Workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring, and test and measurement product provider Telestream has brought to market six new models in its PRISM waveform monitor product line.

The new models have smaller form-factors to address the space constraints in Live Production, the company says.

With these new products, the PRISM family now offers a complete range of “Software Defined Monitoring” instruments, covering use cases from operational SDI monitoring to engineering grade IP analysis, with a common user interface throughout. The new PRISM products are designed to support both local and remote production situations up to 8K HDR. As software-defined instruments, customers can purchase a base model and add features as and when required by simply purchasing a software license; no hardware changes, no manufacturer returns, and no downtime.

“The PRISM technology platform has enabled us to create a range of form factors at affordable entry level price points, while retaining a “no penalty” software upgrade path to add higher end features as required,” said Charlie Dunn, Senior VP of Tek Video at Telestream. “We have effectively re-invented monitoring for the needs of a new generation of users and challenges.”

Remote production is fully supported, including full feature remote viewing of the PRISM display screen (noVNC required). When paired with Telestream’s Inspect 2110 probe, customers can get detailed monitoring and analysis of ST2110 IP video across their entire network. When an area of concern is flagged by Inspect 2110, a single button press launches any stream in PRISM for deep ST 2110 video waveform, audio, data, and PTP analysis to find and fix faults fast.

“Expanding the PRISM platform to this level was our vision from day one, but the collaboration with the Telestream IQ network experts to create the innovative Inspect 2110 product has surpassed everyone’s expectation of what can be achieved,” said Ian Valentine, Vice President of Product Management for Tek Video products at Telestream. “We’ve built a truly unique monitoring system that bridges the SDI/IP divide.”

The new PRISM models are more space conscious –only 5” deep– with no compromises in capability (4K/8K HDR/Wide Color Gamut, 4 inputs, Dolby Audio, 10/25G-IP and 12G-SDI). PRISM embraces a modern paradigm shift from the classic user interface that allows Telestream to provide the largest screens on the market, remote capability, and touch or keyboard/mouse operation.

With a unique set of HDR tools, including the patented STOP waveform, user-defined False Color, Light Meter, and CIE charts, PRISM focuses on content and offers multiple user interface options tailored to the task and role of the user. A single product, from a single vendor, is now the waveform monitor of choice across the facility, including remote production environments, and across both engineering and production applications.


New PRISM Models:
MPS-100, 200, 300 are single screen half-rack with a depth of only 5 inches.
MPD-100, 200, 300 are dual screen full-rack units with only 5 inches of depth.
Availability: Shipping Summer 2021 (orderable April 2021)