America Weekend Welcomes SuperTalk


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision Radio Networks announced the ten-station SuperTalk Mississippi Radio Network as the latest affiliate of America Weekend, the new ratings-friendly programming alternative to \ brokered shows and “Best-Of” programs. With WFMN-FM, WWMR-FM, WKBB-FM, WTNM-FM, WLAU-FM, WRQO-FM, WXRZ-FM, WTCD-FM, WFMM-FM & WZKR-FM now airing America Weekend on Saturdays and Sundays, the stations join over 150 affiliates on the Envision Talk Network.

“SuperTalk Mississippi added America Weekend because we wanted top personalities discussing a wide range of interesting, engaging and compelling topics (not just politics),” said David Day, Program Director of SuperTalk Mississippi. “We are very happy with our decision.”

Hosted by Paul Harris, Turi Ryder, and other major market talent, America Weekend is designed to increase ratings while providing an innovative system for maintaining or even increasing revenue from brokered programs. The flexible America Weekend System provides the perfect platform to break away for sports and other special programming as needed. Since America Weekend is broadcast live via satellite, it is able to stay current by addressing breaking and developing stories of national interest as they happen. The program airs live each Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm (ET).