AM-FM combo: Breaking up is not all that hard to do


All it will take for KXIT AM and FM in Dalhart TX to go their separate ways is a buyer with the necessary amount of cash to take over the care and feeding of the AM station.

The seller of KXIT-AM is Radio Dalhart, headed by George Chambers.

The buyer is ROGCO Family I LLC, headed by Richard D. Rodgers.

The station is located on the Texas panhandle, and KXIT-FM has a signal with enough moxie to get it within hearing range of people in Amarillo to the south.

That is not the case with the AM, a Class C on 1240 kHz. Its signal, with 1 kW day and night, throws its primary contour strictly over unrated territory.

The deal will cost ROGCO $305K cash. An LMA will go into effect until the deal closes.