AI-Enhanced Weather Reports Now Available For Radio


Radio syndication company Key Networks has partnered with Summit Technology Group to bring “an advanced routine and emergency weather reporting system” to radio stations for no additional barter.

ATMOS Weather Reporting was developed by Summit Technology Group that uses artificial intelligence to generate a script and natural text-to-speech synthesis to deliver a customized, localized weather forecast in a broadcast quality voice.

“The result is seamless, accurate and as personable as a real meteorologist,” Key Networks asserts.

Key Networks also notes that with ATMOS Weather Reporting, all advertising inventory is contained in the weather forecasts that are delivered, so stations can sell the forecasts to local sponsors and others.

Summit Technology Group President Paul Stewart comments, “Automated weather reports aren’t new to the broadcast industry, but with ATMOS, we’re able to provide a weather
report that sounds indistinguishable from a human speaker, and uses all the abbreviations inherent in our speech patterns. Best of all, stations can take control to adjust their reports based on their format and customize their virtual talent to suit their

Dennis Green, Chief Revenue Officer at Key Networks, adds, “Key Networks’ mission is to bring innovative products and services to the market that you cannot find anywhere else. Mission accomplished with ATMOS Weather powered by Key Networks. Stations will get precise and accurate weather forecasts without having to give up additional inventory outside the content. That is a game changer. This service works on any station in any format and you’ll want to sign up soon, as there is additional cutting edge technology coming that will provide even more localization to your weather forecast. Prepare to be wowed and provide your local listeners and advertisers with weather forecasts around the clock and branded as you desire. I’m beyond excited to get stations on board!”