AdLarge offers free broadcast calendar app


The ad sales firm for radio, digital and mobile content providers has introduced the first Broadcast Calendar App for iPhone and iPad, and is providing it free to the entire broadcasting and advertising industries.

The AdLarge Broadcast Calendar App was conceived by AdLarge and built by AirKast, and can be previewed and downloaded here.  An Android version is currently in development.

“The AdLarge Broadcast Calendar App is perfect for everyone who has anything to do with the broadcasting or media industries,” observed Gary Schonfeld, co-founder and CEO of AdLarge Media.  “Moreover, because a broadcast calendar mobile app never existed, we had a clean slate.  Working with the great team at AirKast, we created a broadcast calendar app with all the necessary tools and features that make it efficient and easy-to-use.  We are thrilled that AirKast shared our vision of providing the AdLarge Broadcast Calendar App as a free gift to broadcasters and advertisers.”

“Now, no matter where you are, you have a three year broadcast calendar with you!” said Cathy Csukas, co-founder and president of AdLarge.  “The industry has been in need of a broadcast calendar mobile app for a long time, and thanks to the innovation and generosity of AdLarge Media and AirKast, it is now available.”

The app is a three-year calendar, with choices for pulling up an entire year, one month, or two months, and provides several background color options.  To download the calendar, visit the App store and type in “broadcast calendar” and it will come up.