Adelante Media signs for Arbitron ratings


The former Bustos Media became Adelante Media Group last month and remains one of the nations’ largest Hispanic radio groups. Now Arbitron has happily announced that it has signed Adelante for its ratings services, both diary and PPM.

Few details made public, of course, but Arbitron said Adelante signed a contract for Portable People Meter and diary radio ratings services across all of its radio markets. That would be nine markets, of which only three – Sacramento, Salt Lake City and Seattle – currently have PPM. Milwaukee will soon join them.

“We’re here to  create a great radio company and if you’re going to go into battle as a great radio company you need to go into battle with the big boy toys,” BMT’s Jay Meyers, CEO of Adelante Media Group, told RBR-TVBR. “For me, this was a no brainer, since we were able to negotiate a deal that worked for me financially.”

Previously, under Bustos Media, the group had subscribed to PPM only in Sacramento and had diary subscriptions in some of its other markets. Now, as Adelante, the company has signed a five-year deal for all nine markets.

“We are thrilled to announce this expanded agreement with Adelante Media, a new broadcast company focused on serving the emerging Hispanic markets. With the Arbitron ratings services, Adelante Media can give advertisers the evidence they need to effectively reach today’s Hispanic consumer,” said Carol Hanley, EVP, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Arbitron.

We asked Meyers if having PPM changes how the company will program its Spanish stations in those markets. “No, it actually doesn’t. PPM has been an interesting learning experience for Spanish radio, just like it has been for general market radio. We’re learning that it’s not just the time spent listening…it’s maximizing that, but it’s also based on the number of occurrences, so, just like any other general market format, our programming people are going through the same learning process of understanding what’s really going on out there. All we’ve done is try to make sure we’re making appointments with the audience, being really smart about what songs we’re playing and making sure that we’re providing information that just makes people want to tune in a bunch of times,” Meyers explained.