Absolut launches “Transform Today”


absolutFollowing its tradition of working with cutting-edge artists, Absolut announced four creative collaborations with French multiartist and musician Woodkid, American digital media artist Aaron Koblin, French Haute Couture designer Yiqing Yin, and Brazilian graphic novel artist Rafael Grampá.

The collaborations are part of the company’s new global brand initiative “Transform Today,” which aims to connect with the creative spirit in us all and to inspire artistic transformation around the world. The effort is via Absolut’s new creative agency, Sid Lee. It covers television, online social media, events and print.

Creative includes 90- and 60-second versions of a TV spot that features montages of all of the artists shown at work and play. There are also 30-second spots devoted to each artist. TV will air worldwide, with the first being launched 9/9 in the U.S., Brazil and Germany. The ads will debut in other markets during the rest of the year and next spring. In the US, the ads are reportedly running on NBC, ABC, ESPN, Comedy Central, FX and AMC.

“Transform Today is a call to arms – a rallying cry for a generation of creativity to break free from the idea that anything is predetermined and to take control of their future. The brand ethos manifests our belief that tomorrow is not a given, it’s for everyone to create,” says Jonas Tahlin, VP Global Marketing at Absolut.