A New Geofencing Capability for Veritone Attribute


The creator of the first operating system for artificial intelligence has added geofencing capabilities to its application for radio and television broadcasters.

As such, the Veritone Attribute AI-enabled application from the creator of aiWARE can now offer Attribute users additional data insights, “enabling increased accuracy of campaign performance analysis” for advertising customers.

“Veritone’s latest addition to the Attribute application further expands our ability to measure our advertisers’ ad performance and increase attribution data accuracy by adding geographic criteria to the analysis,” said Sara Henry, event coordinator at client Hubbard Radio/St. Louis. “Attribute’s quick, easy-to-decipher reports and slick graphics provide a great visual for presentations, and geofencing only adds to that story.”

Veritone Attribute enables both radio and television broadcasters to demonstrate advertising efficacy for their customers by correlating the traffic on the brand’s digital properties with ads that have run on the broadcast networks.

“Attribute not only measures the effectiveness of prerecorded commercials, but also leverages artificial intelligence to gauge the efficacy of live reads, organic mentions, and in-content chatter or displays,” Veritone says. “The performance data is available in near-real time, and it empowers broadcasters and their advertisers to conduct performance analysis without losing valuable time. They can make quick, data-informed decisions and adjust schedules and/or ad creative based on the findings to drive maximum campaign success. With Attribute’s new geofencing capability, station users can isolate ad-tracking and accumulate campaign data by geographic area.”

For example, the additional data point of geographic location allows a broadcaster running a national campaign in multiple markets to set Attribute to only include traffic from specified geographic areas in which the ads ran into the performance analysis. “The result is cleaner, more precise attribution data and region-specific insights and reporting,” Veritone says.