A Big Brazilian Operator Picks Triton To Guide Podcast Plan


The largest commercial radio network in Brazil has signed a pact with Triton Digital designed to give it not only podcast management and strategy guidance, but also a monetization plan powered by both Triton and Omny Studio.

The deal with Jovem Pan allows the popular and dominant media company to use the enterprise Omny Studio podcast management platform to capture, edit, and distribute podcast content to their online listening audience.

In addition, Jovem Pan will use the Triton advertising platform, Tap, to try to monetize its podcast content by dynamically inserting targeted ads into both live and pre-recorded streams in real-time.

“Through its integration with Omny Studio, Triton Digital is providing us with the world’s most sophisticated advertising technology and enterprise podcast management solution,” said Rodolfo Negrão, Commercial Director at Jovem Pan. “We look forward to the audience growth and increase in revenue that we will undoubtedly see as a result of using this flexible and reliable solution to support our podcasting goals.”

Benjamin Masse, Managing Director for Market Development and Strategy at Triton, added, “With world-class content creation capabilities and a large and highly-engaged audience, Jovem Pan is creating a tremendous opportunity for advertisers across Brazil to reach a unique digital audience in a precise and effective way.”

In addition to Omny Studio and Tap, Jovem Pan will continue to use Triton’s audio streaming network to deliver high quality audio content to their online listening audience, as well as Triton’s programmatic audio marketplace, a2x, and audio SSP, Yield-Op, to support their streaming audio monetization goals.