23 million tuned into Super Bowl on the radio


Dial Global reports that 23.1 million people tuned in to hear the radio broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, 2/5 featuring the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Dial Global commissioned the study from Edison Research, designed to accurately measure the number of people that tuned in to hear Super Bowl XLVI broadcasts and make this information available within two days of the event’s conclusion. 

The survey found that listeners accessed the live broadcast in multiple listening environments, including the home, while driving, at work and other locations, on over 680 stations nationwide. 

The national survey was conducted via live telephone interviews on 2/6, following the Giants 21-17 victory over the Patriots. Dial Global’s NFL listener research highlights the continued demand for radio broadcast coverage of live events, including live sporting events. Dial Global is the network radio home to some of the biggest, most widely-followed sports in America including: NFL Football, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and The Final Four, The Masters Tournament, MRN/NASCAR Radio and the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London.

The numbers were similar to findings on the playoff games: According to another recent Edison Research study commissioned by Dial Global, some 22.9 million people tuned in to hear radio broadcasts of the Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots AFC Championship and New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49’ers NFC Championship games on Sunday, 1/22.

“We are again excited, but not surprised, to see that our research findings highlight the strength of the Dial Global brand and the ongoing demand for radio broadcast coverage of live sporting events,” said David Landau, Co-President CEO of Dial Global. “Dial Global is committed to showcasing the value of our content and exemplifying our commitment to being the most innovative, service focused company in the industry while supporting our affiliates and advertisers.”

Broadcasting nearly 100 NFL games, exclusive NFL primetime games, the Playoffs and the Super Bowl, Dial Global commissioned the Super Bowl study following the results of their initial research during the Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots (AFC Championship) and New York Giants vs. San Francisco Forty-Niners (NFC Championship) games on Sunday, January 22, 2012, which found that 22.9 million Americans listened to radio broadcast coverage of these two live NFL events.

“Given the popularity of The Super Bowl as ‘television’s ultimate event’ where people actually look forward to the commercials and the halftime show, the number of radio listeners may come as a surprise to those who are not familiar with the significant reach of broadcast radio. We are excited that our ongoing research continues to highlight the power of radio,” said Larry Rosin, Edison President.