1 Down 11 More to go


Jan 2009 has been a panic month for every sector of business. We have 11 months to go and each of us has a Choice – Reinvent your Business Model – or GO OUT OF BUSINESS. We have NO CHOICE except to Band Together and Make it happen in this Recession.

What we all know and can only compare our Business with is what has HAPPENED over the last 10 YEARS.

1999 – A Great Year for Business and then 2 Years later, 2001, we all know what happened to start our world into a two year SPIN CYCLE. What has happened to our Media over the past 8 years:

No new formats
No Marketing
No Research
No Innovation
No Vision
No Leadership

Resulting in
No growth
Bad perception
No future
No youth

Our Mediums are SHRINKING…. Why? Because the Real World Around US has Been INNOVATIVE. This is the year to engage in the world of the internet and it will bring the value of your properties up.

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(source: Jim Carnegie, Publisher & Editor of RBR & TVBR. Comments post below. If you have video send along.)