Sumner Redstone Estate Drama Escalates

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Sumner RedstonePhilippe Dauman and George Abrams filed a joint lawsuit in Massachusetts Monday challenging their removal from the Sumner Redstone trust that controls Viacom and CBS after Redstone dies or is declared incompetent.

Dauman is Viacom CEO and Abrams is a longtime Viacom director; they both officers of the trust.

Redstone moved to remove them, we reported, citing poor Viacom performance. Monday, Sumner Redstone’s attorneys asked a Los Angeles court to confirm “the validity” of Friday’s actions.

Dauman and Abrams blame Sumner’s daughter Share Redstone, for interfering with her father’s estate plans, saying in the filing: “This is a case in which an ailing 92 year old man’s multi-billion dollar business have been seized by an estranged daughter who has manipulated her father to achieve her goals.”

They state Sheri’s actions “have generated enormous potential for injury to her father and her father’s companies and their shareholders and thousands of employees. These actions call for immediate judicial relief.

Sheri Redstone called the charges “absurd.”


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