Pai’s Personal Priority: AM Radio

The promotion of the vitality of radio starts with the Commission's push for AM's future
Ajit Pai

What Are Pai’s Views On Radio’s Future?

In the midst of a high-tech revolution, broadcast radio continues to thrive, says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

House E&C Leaders Praise Spectrum Auction

CBS opts not to sell any full-power stations in auction, due to low values presented

‘Keep Forward Momentum’ As FCC Auction Ends

While the $19.63B bidding total might not be eye-popping, a K Street think tank calls the spectrum auction a success

No April Fool: Spectrum Auction Ends March 30

Bidding in the Assignment Phase of the Forward Auction, a.k.a. "Auction 1002," is set to start on Monday, March 6

FCC Media Bureau Sets A New Chief Engineer

A longtime engineer who holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown is now Chief Engineer of the FCC's Media Bureau

A Full Day On The Hill For FCC Three

Chairman Pai, Commissioners O’Rielly and Clyburn, have dates with House and Senate Commerce chiefs

FCC Trio Heads To The Hill

Pai, O'Rielly, Clyburn will be appearing at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday, March 8 at 10 a.m.

‘Editorial Privileges’ Clipped For FCC Bureaus

"Substantive edits" of proposals and orders drafted by the Commission's various bureaus and offices are now nixed

FCC’s Latest Move To Finalize Forward Auction

A spectrum and technology pro gives a detailed assessment of the auction, and a tiny number of PEAs actually have excess demand
Ajit Pai

An FCC ‘Abuse Of Process Ends Now’

Enforcement Bureau consent decrees issued by the full Commission must now get vote of approval by the full Commission

Pai’s Pilot Program: ‘How Can It Fail?’

FCC Chairman reacts to Clyburn recommendation at summit, adding it as a new process reform

Nexstar Head Ready To Support Minority Owners

Consolidation can bring ownership opportunities for minority broadcasters, says Nexstar head Perry Sook

Clyburn Calls For Minority Tax Certificate Redux

The lone Democrat on the FCC wants a incubation program and minority tax certificate back. Congress may not be willing to do it.

A ‘Happy’ Birthday For Telecom Act?

Layton has plenty to say about "net neutrality." So do leaders at TechFreedom and Tech Knowledge

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