An Arizona Broadcaster Gets A Violation Warning

Consider this a warning: An AM radio station in Coolidge, Ariz., has run afoul of the Commission's rules on tower fences, improper transmitter power, staffing, and the absence of EAS logs. It has 20 days to explain itself, and a "NAL" could be on the way to the station's owner. Its the second warning in a month for the company.

Two Consent Decrees For Cochise

Cochise Media Licenses has received a pair of "gifts" ahead of the Memorial Day weekend from the FCC. They're Consent Decrees, with one ordering the operation to donate the license for an FM in the Grand Canyon State to a non-profit organization.

From The Portals To The House: Colwell Takes House E&C Role

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, the powerful House Energy & Commerce Committee unveiled its two latest staff members. One returns to Capitol Hill after a 13-year career in the private sector. The other individual jumps from the FCC, where this person has served as Chief of Staff and Senior Legal Advisor to Commissioner Michael O'Rielly since December 2014.
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Are ‘Fair Play’ And ‘PROMOTE’ Plans DOA In Congress?

With Capitol Hill set to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend full of cool temperatures and predictions of rain and thunderstorms, forces other than Mother Nature appear to have put a damper on two pieces of legislation that would institute a "tax" on the airplay of recorded music for radio stations across the U.S.

It’s Official: Carey Succeeds Lake As Media Bureau Chief

The acting is over for Michelle M. Carey. The FCC has chosen to make the six-year deputy chief of its Media Bureau its official chief, making her the successor to Bill Lake.

Here’s The FCC’s Proposed Budget For 2018

Lean. Accountable. More efficient. Those are the key words that pop out of the FCC's fiscal 2018 budget proposal, which the Commission made public today. Indeed, the FCC is prepared to make some significant adjustments to its budget—and personnel. It's decided to use a weed-whacker to do so, as the proposed budget reflects a 5.2% dip from fiscal 2017.

Trump’s Public Media Takedown: Take Two

In a move that comes as no surprise to many, President Trump's proposed fiscal 2018 budget seeks to accomplish what his fiscal 2017 budget failed to do: zero out the funding of noncommercial secular radio and TV stations by the Federal government. As expected, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which distributes these funds to noncomms across the U.S., was vocal in its opposition to the proposal.

FCC Gets Tough With Flurry Of Pirate Radio Warnings

Has the FCC finally decided to get tough with the buccaneers of broadcasting that have littered the FM airwaves in three major East Coast markets for years? A series of notices of unlicensed operation issued May 17, and made public on Monday (5/22), suggest a sea change is finally underway at the Commission.

‘Code Blue’ Could Empower Police With EAS Alerts

"We interrupt this programming to inform you of threats of law enforcement and for your help in apprehending dangerous suspects." That's a message broadcast media could soon be required to air, thanks to a proposal that would empower local law enforcement with FCC-mandated "Blue Alerts."

MMTC Commends FCC On Proposed End Of Main Studio Rule

As of midday Thursday, the FCC is now open to input on the proposed elimination of its Main Studio Rule. On Friday, the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) wasted no time in commending the FCC’s action.

Now On Public Notice: A Review Of The FCC’s Media Rules

Don't like some of those "unnecessary or burdensome" FCC rules? You're in luck. The Commission today issued a Public Notice that begins a review of its rules applicable to media entities, including broadcasters, cable operators, and satellite television providers.

A ‘Clear’ Voice In Opposition Of Eased Translator Siting

The owner of a Class A FM serving Southern New Jersey has submitted comments in opposition to a Petition of Rulemaking that seeks a modification of Part 74 of the Commission's rules, which is designed to make it easier for the operator of an FM translator to find a suitable site for the transmitter. There's an opposing view, however. This owner says the change in rules would reduce the protection accorded to full-power FM stations from interference caused by a translator.

‘Internet Freedom’ Moves Closer With FCC’s NPRM OK

"Net neutrality" is one step closer to being erased from the FCC's rule books. In a widely expected partisan move that occurred on a day when many social media users use a "throwback Thursday" hashtag (#tbt), the FCC voted to press ahead on turning back the clock on regulations that require Internet service providers to give access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoritism to particular websites or portals.
John Thune

Sen. Thune: Why The ‘Open Internet’ Needs Protection

With the FCC today launching an NPRM that would strip net neutrality regulations, South Dakota Republican John Thune has a suggestion. "My preference would be to begin bipartisan work on such legislation without any further delay." The Chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee made the comment on the floor of the Senate today. Here's what else Sen. Thune had to say on what he believes is the restoration of an open internet.

FCC Releases NPRM On Main Studio Rule’s Rescission

In an unanimous 3-0 vote at today's FCC May Open meeting, the Commission released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes to eliminate the rule, which requires each AM, FM, and television broadcast station to have a main studio located in or near its local community.

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