Job Description or Job Expectations? Guess Which One is Better.

Barrett Riddlerger says owners need to be specific with sales job applicants about expectations.

Why People Take Stupid Risks With Money

Sales trainer Eric Lofholm tells how those starting a business can make more prudent financial decisions.

7 Things Smart Sales Managers Do During Their Coaching Sessions

xPotential Selling's Barrett Riddleberger assembles seven
Michael DeLier

Produce, Sell Local Sports Events to Rake in Ratings, Revenue

Michael DeLier shares how a TV station he managed brought in local sports event ratings & revenue.

The Greatest Cold Call Opener

How to knock on doors that your company hasn't tried before.
Michael DeLier

Take The Time To Get Your 2016 House In Order

Take the time in 2016 to get your financial house in order.

Why Radio Should Consider Listeners Their ‘Customers’

The better we understand how our listeners "consume" radio, the better stations will be in marketing and packaging a winning product

Deeper Into Debt With No Regrets This Holiday Season

MagnifyMoney co-founder Nick Clements says consumer holiday spending is up & many don't set a budget.
Michael DeLier

Do You Have an Actionable Plan for 2016?

Many stations have sales goals for 2016, but do you have a way to get there?

Finding Great Salespeople in Unexpected Places

A good hiring manager must continually look for promising salespeople.

5 Valuable Sales Lessons We Can Learn From Introverts

Expert Barrett Riddleberger gives us sales lessons to learn from introverts.

6 Sobering questions you need to know that every decision-maker is thinking

When on a sale call, it is of course important to have your wits about you

Voice-Over: The Secret Sauce for Good Branding

Voice talent can help your branding.

4 Quick Questions to Answer Before Discounting

You wouldn’t sell a $300,000 house for $250,000. Or would you?

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