Is ‘Net-Connected TV Penetration Maxing Out?

The penetration of Internet-connected TVs among U.S. broadband households has grown from 50% in 2013 to 74% at the end of 2016

The Next OOH Opportunity For Radio: Your Car

Is a privately owned vehicle bearing the logo of a radio station's advertiser the next ROI opportunity?

Are Americans Ready For 4K Television?

New research suggests the cart may be coming before the horse

Should We Want A Bipartisan FCC?

Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the AEI and a part of the Trump FCC transition team, says "no." But, he was a strong reason why.

How To Cash In On Out-of-Market Streaming Revenue

Looking to further monetize your AM or FM station's streaming audio? Guest columnist Paul Cramer has some tips for you

Final Words Of Wisdom From Irwin Pollack

The Boston-based radio sales and management trainer and divorce attorney lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday
NFL / National Football League

Legal Tips On Avoiding ‘Big Game’ Litigation

Advertisers could land you in a heap of legal trouble, should they fail to take into account what's stated in this column

Why Bad Salespeople Get Hired

How could a $7M sales superstar totally flop at his next employer? Maybe he was simply the wrong choice for the job.

So, Just How Many Americans Own Smartphones?

The smartphone may not be as ubiquitous as you think. This may impact your marketing and promotions, and your advertising.

Stage 4 The Last For FCC Incentive Auction?

In this column from Stephen Sloan, an expert observer of the FCC's incentive auction, signs point to its conclusion in Stage 4
Group of People

The Key To Luring Ad-Hating Youth

"Younger Audiences Hate Ads Even More Than You Do." Why?

FCC Makes Airing Political Ads Much More Complicated

If trying to maintain the required paperwork for political advertising aired by your station gives you a headache, prepare for a migraine of biblical proportions

New Year, Same Old Pay-TV Double Talk

Broadcast TV advocacy group looks beyond "the pay-TV rhetoric" by sharing "the facts" about retrans fees

The Signs That Say It’s Time To Move On

Change is inevitable, but people weren't built to be miserable, says our guest columnist
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

A Plan to Seize Channels That Actually Aren’t Vacant

"False claims" to have the FCC set aside "vacant channels" for TV white space devices after the incentive auction are discussed

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