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Did ‘Santa’ Arrive Early Enough For Radio?

Holiday favorites may have hijacked your market's AC station as early as Veterans Day. Nielsen data suggest that may not be soon enough.

How To Prep A Simple Public File

Public Files are the one area that involves substantial FCC fines, fees and forfeitures. Our "cheat sheet" will help you save your money

JVC Enters New Year With 14 Model-Year Receivers

Eleven models are currently available; three will ship by end of December

Do Media Planners Understand U.S. Commuters?

Pierre Bouvard to NYC media planners: Get out of your Gotham bubble, ad industry cadets, and understand America

Radio: The Great Curator That Isn’t?

Paragon Media Strategies CEO Mike Henry and RBR + TVBR's Editor-in-Chief expand their discussion on millennials

Where To Go To Avoid FCC Forfeitures

Why should you pay $600 for what you can get for free? Ken Benner shows you how you can save money, and avoid FCC fines

Another Digital Don’t For Your Clients: Banner Ads

RBR + TVBR Editor-In-Chief Adam R Jacobson can't understand why banner ads are still a thing, since they provide no ROI

Radio and Millennials: Is Paragon Wrong?

Paragon's Mike Henry says radio doesn't care about millennials. We disagree: It very much cares, but CHR stations need a wake-up call

Kenwood Includes SiriusXM On New Multimedia Receiver

The newest multimedia receiver from Kenwood makes it easy for subscribers to Sirius XM to tune in

‘If It Ain’t In Black & White … It Ain’t’

Alternative FCC inspector Ken Benner advises you to back up everything you say and do in writing, if FCC penalty avoidance is wanted

Tis’ The Season … To Think Of Broadcasters In Need

Please consider a charitable donation this holiday season

Marketing Basics Revisited

The perceptions or position you want to create in the mind of your prospect, along with your goals, should be considered

On The Certification Of Non-Compliant Stations

There is no such thing as a 100% compliant radio or TV station. Sadly, disgruntled just-fired employees are part of the equation

Radio’s Latest ‘Share Of Ear’: 50 Percent

Edison Research has released its third-quarter 2016 "Share of Ear" study, and there's some good news for radio.
Sirius XM

A Retail Giant Puts SiriusXM In OEM Fast Lane

The arrangement empowers Sears Auto associates to immediately check eligibility when a vehicle is brought in for service

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